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Written by Alex Harkey

Alex Harkey is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology and an accountant in the greater Atlanta area. In Fall 2012 he returned to Georgia Tech and is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration.

Around seven years ago I stumbled upon a website called Boardgamegeek.com of which you are likely familiar with. After trying out a number of gameway games that are widely available such as Blokus and Loot I ordered several more after reading the rules and reviews others had done on the games.

I’ve been fortunate to try a large selection of games and while a single category or genre doesn’t stick out I have seen a few trends in my taste of games. One of my very first experiences with the Michael Schacht’s China really made area control and network building mechanics stick out as particularly interesting. I find the player interaction and population redistribution of La Citta to be a great example of a type of interaction I enjoy in games.

Recently I have been impressed with the groundbreaking simplicity and elegance of games such as The Resistance and Coup which have transitioned games from a ruleset and components to a social experience that use players as resources of information.

Over the last few years I’ve been in and out of the hobby of game design. This blog is an effort to record my thoughts and findings over the years and address what has worked and what has not. The experience has been priceless though and I hope to bring an insightful perspective in reviewing games and examining their designs.

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