Welcome to Games Precipice

Written by Alex Harkey

Welcome to Games Precipice, a collaborative blogging venture between Alex Harkey and Matt Pavlovich on the topic of game design. Over the last six years we’ve been playing and analyzing a wide variety of board games. We have enjoyed examining the implementation of mechanics, theorizing and testing the effects of modifications, and searching for what pushes a game to reach the precipice of greatness.

In 2012 Matt invited Alex to join Ludi Berkeley, an active blog on games in their many forms. Upon realizing our interest in blogging on the depths of game design, we decided to launch this blog as a dedicated platform for this very purpose.

In January we will begin our exploration of a series of topics in modern tabletop game design. Our ambition is to build strong conceptual frameworks for those new to game design and identify underutilized concepts that can improve the future of board games. We’re going to identify interesting trends and discuss and learn from your feedback as you join us along the way.


Contribute to the conversation, leave us your thoughts and feedback